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Absent from Marrakech


With this novel which paints with much talent the stay with Marrakech of the narrator, Thierry de Beaucé joined the writers who knew to evoke his capacity and North Africa to inspire the most various authors:

Photo Marrakech Absent from Marrakech

A filiation which the former minister would not disavow besides, while bringing a very personal key to this account which is at the same time an initiatory course and the history of a connection, reflections of the memory and interior search. An unclassable text, with the historical references and arts persons who will allow the reader to familiarize themselves with the personal universe of Thierry de Beaucé, who with this book, takes seat with dignity in the long continuation of the diplomats writers, tradition specific to the French literature.

Thierry de Beaucé was Secretary of State near the minister of state and Foreign Minister, responsible for the international cultural relations (1988-91). He in particular published "the Nonchalance of God" and "the Archipelago of spices".

"The world is so calm between these walls. Here a bouquet of slaves, young boys in rags make jokes together under the amused eye of old. I look at the life which returns, quiet. To guess the peace of heavy heats or this breeze of the hours hinges, the morning or the evening, which opens wide the eyes and arrow the glances. On a stereotype of glass, the photographer registered in bottom "the preferred slave". The kid, thirteen, fourteen years perhaps, released shoulders, any black... " - chapter: XIII - page: 124

Editor: The Rock
Author: Thierry de Beaucé
Category: French literature XXe
Publication: 2/16/2006
182 pages