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General terms of sale



a) Inscription
To be regarded as final, any inscription must be accompanied by the payment of an installment of 35% of the entire amount of the voyage accompanied by an estimate filled and signed by the customer and implies adhesion in our conditions of sale.

b) Payment
The invoice is addressed to the customer in the 15 days which follow the inscription.
- The balance of the amount of the voyage will have to be regulated, without revival of our share, at the latest 35 days before the departure. Any delay in the payment of the balance could be regarded as a cancellation for which application of the expenses of cancellation will be made.
- For any inscription with less than 35 days of the departure the payment must be carried out in only once and for the totality of the amount of the voyage.
- For any reservation less than 5 days before the departure of? expenses D? urgency? of an amount of 45 euros will be invoicees.
- Development of a voyage? to measure? require time and a volume of important work; we will thus be brought to invoice the sum of 30 euros by estimates beyond two estimates which will be deduced from the invoice as of the final inscription with the voyage.
- The purchase of terrestrial services not including the international flight will give place to an invoicing of 30 euros per anybody.
- Any payment intervening with less than 15 days of the starting date could be carried out only in cash or by bank card (Visa, Eurocard or Mastercard).
- The amount of the insurances travels possible subscribed by the customer is of as from the signature of the bulletin of inscription and must be regulated at the same time as the inscription with the voyage.
- The supplement individual room is to be regulated with the pay of the invoice 35 days before the departure.


If the customer is in the obligation to cancel his voyage, it will have to inform us by registered letter with acknowledgment of delivery, as quickly as possible: it is indeed the date of acknowledgment of delivery of this letter which will be retained like goes back to cancellation for the invoicing of the expenses of cancellation.
It will be retained to you:
- more than 35 days before the departure: 80 euros per anybody, corresponding to expenses of file.
- 35 days to 21 days before the departure: 25% of the entire amount of the voyage.
- 20 days to 14 days before the departure: 50% of the entire amount of the voyage.
- 13 days to 5 days before the departure: 75% of the entire amount of the voyage.
- less than 5 days before the departure: 100% of the entire amount of the voyage.


In accordance with article 23 of the law n th 92-645 of July 13rd, 1992, We could not be held for person in charge of the consequences of the following events:
- Loss or flight of the plane tickets.
- Defect of presentation or presentation of out-of-date medical documents of identity and or one period of insufficient validity. In the event of defect of recording, it will be retained 100% of the entire amount of the voyage.
- Incidents or unforeseeable and insurmountable events of a foreign third intervening during the voyage: wars, political disturbances, external strikes and technical incidents, obstruction of the airspace, bad weather, natural disasters, delays, breakdowns, losses or flight of luggage. The delays undergone having for origin the cases concerned, above as well as the modifications of route which would result from this will not be able to involve any compensation with some title that it is. The additional expenses related to a disturbance will remain with the load of the customer.
- Cancellation imposed by circumstances having a character of major force or for reasons related to the safety of the customers or on injunction of an administrative authority.


We deliver this information for all the French nationals. The people of foreign nationality must get informed about the administrative formalities and medical near the qualified embassies or consulates. It is up to the customer to check that its documents are in conformity with the furnished informations by He is highly recommended to check all information near the authorities concerned. We will not be able to in no case to be held for person in charge of consequences of the non-observance by the customer of the police, customs or medical payments.